Coronavirus Safety

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Coronavirus Safety at Duvale Priory

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Due to the coronavirus we have had to change arrival and departure times, these are now 5 pm arrival and 9 am departure. Should you fail to leave the property at 9 am you are liable for the next 7 days' rental and possibly more if you do not leave the property. These arrival and departure times have changed to allow the property to have its normal clean through and then allow time for the property to be sanitised. We have joined Safer Stays. All our staff will be wearing PPE on the property at all times. If you need me to come to the property for any reason, you will be asked to either move to another room or if necessary vacate the property.

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Government Restrictions

The UK government has also asked that during your stay, the property must be kept clean and tidy.

We ask that on your departure you strip your beds of sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers and bring downstairs and place in the trolley provided. We also ask that you please leave your bedroom windows slightly ajar. Once you have vacated the property you will not be allowed back in for any reason, it is important that you have thoroughly checked the property and taken all your belongings with you, we are not responsible for any items left behind. We ask that everything is taken out of the property even if you have untouched food items etc, please remove everything, we do not want any items or anything left behind.

It’s important that if anyone has been ill during your stay with the Coronavirus virus symptoms that we are notified and that you follow the information provided on the NHS notice in the property. We must have all the groups names and contact details as requested by the UK government.

Coronavirus Precautions

If you have booked a property with a hot tub and this is included in your stay, we have had to change the days this is available, if you have booked a week stay from a Friday 5pm to the following Friday 9am the hot tub will be available daily 11am to 10pm daily until the Wednesday at 10pm. (Thursday the hot tub will be cleaned etc for the next guests to arrive.)

Again if you have booked a weeks stay starting on a Monday 5pm the hot will be available daily for the times specified until 10pm on the Saturday. (The hot tub is then cleaned ready for new guests on the Monday.) For short stays (If the hot tub has been included in your booking) the hot tub will be available 11am to 10pm daily.

Your security deposit that you have paid is to ensure that when you leave the property it is left as it was on your arrival, if this isn’t the case it will not be refunded. It is imperative in these challenging times that the property is left reasonably for our staff to be able to run through and carry out a normal thorough clean and then sanitise the property for our next guests. If you have left things unreasonably, this will make it impossible for us to get the property ready on time for the next guests, so please note that we will keep your security deposit if this is the case. You may also lose your security deposit if you over occupy the property. We are asking all of our guests to follow the government restrictions on group sizes permitted at our premises and failure to do so, may result in a fine.

Regarding the UK governments restrictions it is the party/groups responsibility to make sure that they are not breaking any laws at the time of their stay. Duvale Priory is not responsible for making sure that you are with in the government restrictions, so any fines are the responsibility of the party/ group in.

If you have an existing booking with us, we will refund yourselves if your booking can not take place, but refunds are only offered if we get to your holiday dates and you have paid for the holiday in full and because of government restrictions your booking at that time can not no head.